June 16, 2019

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Methadone Clinics in California

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Many methadone clinics in California provide patients with the support, monitoring and medical care needed to help them overcome opiate addiction and restore balance in their lives.

Methadone Centers in cities of California

California has seen significant growth in the epidemic of prescription painkiller abuse and opiate dependence. An estimated 5% of all California residents have reported recently abusing prescription pain relievers for nonmedical purposes in the past twelve months. When a user becomes physically dependent on opiates such as heroin, Vicodin, Hydrocodone or Oxycontin, sometimes the most effective and comfortable way of restoring stability in life and overcoming the addiction is through a qualified methadone maintenance treatment program.

Close proximity of California to Mexico gives way to an increased presence of heroin and other opiates in the state. Unfortunately, the majority of people who become addicted don’t realize that there are effective treatment options or that methadone clinics in California are readily available to provide quality care.

At Methadone Centers, you can find comprehensive details and contact information to local methadone clinics throughout the state. In addition to the directory of clinics throughout California that provide quality treatment for opiate addiction, a number of helpful resources are also provided to help you find the right help and support for yourself or a loved one to overcome opiate addiction. The following resources provide insight and information about NA meetings and support groups that can be combined with methadone maintenance treatment to provide an effective means of recovery:

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

For information about NA meetings, locations or times, visit one of the following California region NA meeting links:

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