Methadone Treatment

Are you looking for something that can help you feel like you again?

If you’ve lost nearly everything in your life to heroin or opiate addiction (be it your friends, family, job, home, or dignity) and you’re ready to get help—methadone treatment may become an important step for you in the long, rewarding journey that you will soon come to know as recovery.

Methadone treatment is a life-changing step in the right direction.  Though a difficult decision to make, once you decide to seek the help of a methadone treatment program, your life will be changed for the good.  You see, studies estimate that as many as 66% of all people who take part in a methadone maintenance treatment plan post heroin addiction stop using intravenous drugs all together.  This means that just by choosing methadone maintenance treatment you already have a better chance at recovery than if you were to choose counseling and therapy alone.

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Most patients report that methadone treatment helps by eliminating the constant craving for heroin or opiates allowing them to stop struggling with themselves and their alter-egos.  This reduction in the personal struggle against the drug and the cravings allows the patient to feel a sense of relief that further compels them to seek out additional help and to use the counseling and therapy that they receive to truly get their lives back on track.

Methadone treatment allows patients to stop thinking about heroin, heroin, heroin or opiates, opiates, opiates and start thinking about their own recovery.  Dramatic self-improvement is typically seen within mere days following the first dose of methadone and, because methadone treatment reduces the “high” that is felt from heroin,  many users will never look back once they are provided methadone that eliminates the cravings and the physical withdrawal symptoms that they have grown so used to coping with.

Methadone centers are staffed by counselors, therapists, nurses, doctors and professionals who come together to provide those in recovery with the greatest possible chance they can have at recovering from the strongholds of heroin or opiate addictions. These centers have their own set operating hours and may or may not be open on holidays or weekends.  The primary goals is to provide ease of access to the prescription methadone that is required to help reduce the physical dependence on heroin and promote healthier living.

What to Expect

Methadone Treatment

Methadone relieves cravings and withdrawal symptoms so you can focus on your recovery.

When you first visit a methadone clinic for treatment it is not likely that you will actually receive any medication. This is because strict government regulations have place limitations on the way that methadone is administered from a methadone clinic.  Because of these limitations, the methadone clinic will likely assess your drug use, history, overall health and other factors on your first visit and then set a follow-up visit (usually the very next day) for you to come and begin treatment.

If you are determined to be a good candidate for methadone treatment, the center will give you your first dose of methadone.  Because methadone is a time released product, you will not need another dose of the drug for about 24 hours.  Methadone centers & clinics are open during set hours each day and most supply medication during a set time block (typically early in the morning).  It will be up to you to make sure that you arrive at the clinic the following day for your regularly scheduled dosage of methadone.

The methadone center staff members will work with you very closely during the very first few days to ensure that they stabilize you and find a dosage of methadone that works well for your individual needs.  Once this has been accomplished, you may eventually be provide the opportunity to take home small doses of methadone such as to be taken over the weekend or to prevent the need for daily visits to the methadone clinic.  This is also known as take home medication.

Take home medication is not offered to everyone.  Though it does offer convenience, take home medication places the requirement of monitoring and maintaining proper dosage up to the patient and this can become a danger to some.  Program staff will determine whether or not you are a potential candidate for take home medication and, upon approving you, will provide you with directions on how & when to take your medication at home as well as the proper storage and protection of your methadone while it is in your possession.

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