Methadone Maintenance

Methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) can help you to reduce or completely stop injecting drugs and return to a productive life. Federal regulations have changed the guidelines by which Methadone maintenance treatment works. These guidelines provide a more promising and flexible approach to treatment for opiate addicts who are addicted to heroin or certain prescription drugs.

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Why Methadone Maintenance Treatment?

An estimated 115,000 people use Methadone for the maintenance treatment of heroin addiction—but why?

Studies show that more than 60% of patients who take methadone to reduce cravings and maintain abstinence from heroin show a dramatic reduction in their use of drugs. Involvement in criminal activity related to drug abuse also decreases with MMT. Heroin is one of the most physically and psychologically addictive substances in the world. and the many prescription painkillers that have derived from the poppy plan are

Heroin is one of the most physically and psychologically addictive substances in the world. The many prescription painkillers that have derived from the poppy plant are just as addictive. Millions of people find themselves hooked on these drugs and unable to control the physical withdrawal symptoms or subsequent cravings to use.

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Methadone maintenance treatment can help those who become addicted to opiates such as Oxycontin or Oxycodone by curbing cravings, reducing or eliminating physical withdrawal symptoms and allowing the user to live an improved life. Methadone, although an opiate itself, is not injected but rather taken orally. The medication does not provide the same euphoric rush that the heroin does but it does reduce cravings.

When you take methadone for maintenance of heroin addiction, the methadone will actually work to reduce any cravings you may have.

Does MMT Work?

Methadone Maintenance

MMT can help you quit opiate abuse for good!

Some argue that MMT does not actually help those who are addicted to opiates because methadone itself is an opiate. In some ways, this is a correct statement but it’s not all correct! Methadone is an opiate and therefore it is an addictive substance—but is it as bad for you as heroin? No! – Not if it is taken EXACTLY as prescribed.

Methadone, when used correctly in MMT, can eliminate the compulsive and uncontrollable behavior of using heroin. Allowing you to get back on track with a somewhat normal lifestyle. Effective treatment programs will help to gradually wean you off methadone so that you will eventually have no need for the medication. The process of weaning off is time-consuming and takes commitment just as it would with any other substance.

Although MMT is not a drug-free approach to quitting, it is a proven effective approach that might work for you. It’s important to consider the benefits and risks of MMT before making any final decisions on the most effective treatment for yourself or a loved one. Chances are, if heroin or opiates are in your life, MMT is one possible option that can work.

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