Effects of Methadone Maintenance Treatment

Aside from the mere physical relief that can be obtained from the use of methadone as a maintenance medication, many recovering addict report additional positive benefits from this treatment.

Mental and spiritual growth are encouraged through counseling and therapy while patients are also taking methadone as part of a recovery and healing program. If you or someone you love is addicted to an opiate, consider MMT a possible solution to help you recover.

Life Doesn’t Hurt Anymore

methadone maintenance effects

Methadone relieves the withdrawal symptoms associated with opiates, making it possible for one to live comfortably and stay sober.

More than anything else, the persistent drug cravings and ongoing feelings of depression and fatigue experienced in recovery account for the high rate of relapse associated with opiate addiction.

Methadone’s effects on the brain’s chemical balance offer considerable relief from drug cravings and residual withdrawal effects.

Ultimately, methadone’s therapeutic effects create the type of brain chemical state that supports your motivation to get and stay well.

Mental Clarity and Healing

Behavioral treatment encompasses a range of interventions designed to help a person identify the emotional barriers that sabotage his or her motivation and develop strategies for overcoming the damaging effects of addiction on the mind, according to the National Institute of Justice.

When all is said and done, no amount of medication can help correct for the destructive thinking and behaviors that inevitably drive drug-using behaviors.

In effect, behavioral treatment interventions offered in methadone treatment help you replace destruction addiction-based thinking and behaviors with a lifestyle that supports continued abstinence from drug abuse.

Getting the Right Help

People recovering from chronic opiate addiction have an especially difficult time getting their footing in recovery.

Ultimately, stabilizing the brain’s chemical balance is essential to supporting a person’s motivations to get well.

How the Effects of Methadone Help People Overcome Opiate Addiction

This coupled with needed behavioral treatment interventions offers you the best chance of living a drug-free lifestyle on an ongoing basis.

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