May 20, 2019

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Lortab Addiction: Can Methadone Help Me Get Sober?

Maybe you started off using Lortab for legitimate reasons. Or maybe you started using it as a means of getting high. Regardless of the beginning of your story, everyone who is addicted to Lortab has to suffer the same consequences. Luckily, being addicted to Lortab isn’t a complete death sentence. There are plenty of ways …

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Is Norco Safe to Take While I’m in Methadone Treatment?

As a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, Norco is supposed to be used for pain relief from injury or surgery. However, many people end up abusing Norco because of the pleasurable feelings it provides. They simply continue to take Norco even after their pain has subsided, building up a physical dependency and making it virtually …

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Can I Take Methadone to Help Me Overcome Gabapentin Withdrawal?

Methadone is commonly prescribed to treat chronic pain and physical dependence on heroin and painkillers. In the midst of the country’s nationwide opioid epidemic, methadone maintenance therapy has helped millions of individuals successfully overcome opioid addiction. While methadone is highly effective at treating opioid dependence, the drug may not be as useful at helping individuals …

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I Need Help Finding a Methadone Clinic Near Me

If you or someone you care about is struggling with opioid addiction, finding a methadone clinic right away could potentially save your life or that of your loved one. Methadone is proven effective at treating opioid addiction, and at helping addicts overcome physical dependency on substances in this highly addictive drug class. Fortunately, there are …

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Is Methadone Treatment Better than Suboxone Treatment?

Methadone and Suboxone are two FDA-approved medications commonly used to treat opioid addiction. Both drugs are synthetic opioids with active ingredients that help addicts overcome physical dependency on opioids. But when it comes to choosing an addiction treatment, which approach works best for you: methadone treatment or Suboxone treatment? If you or a loved one …

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Methadone and Xanax: A Recipe for Death?

Whether used as a treatment remedy or for recreational purposes, methadone carries a potential for abuse and addiction. Likewise, Xanax also carries a high risk for abuse, so combining these two drugs can cause serious problems in a person’s life. Methadone and Xanax belong to two different drug classes, but this doesn’t stop them from …

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How can a Methadone Clinic Help Me Stay Sober?

It’s not uncommon for people battling chronic opiate addiction to go through one or more rounds of drug treatment in an effort to overcome addiction’s effects in their lives. Chronic opiate addictions can be the worst in terms of the relentless hold opiates exert over a person’s life. For many, this “hold” continues long after …

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