Is Inpatient Methadone Treatment Really Necessary?

Nobody starts taking opiates with the idea they will one day become addicted, however, this is something that many people have faced in the past.

If you find yourself addicted to this type of drug, there are many steps you can take to reclaim your life. It may not be easy to overcome your addiction, but with the right process it will not be long before you are on track and feeling better about what the future holds.

There is nothing fun about opioid withdrawal. Going through this can be both painful and uncomfortable, making many people second guess their decision to get started.

Methadone treatment is one of the best strategies for overcoming an addiction, thanks to a variety of benefits and advantages when compared to other options. It doesn’t mean this is the only option. It doesn’t mean this is best for every person. Even then, it is something that most people in this position will consider at some point in time.

methadone treatment

Inpatient Methadone treatment can help prevent future relapses.

In addition to the success rate, there is another benefit of methadone treatment to be aware of: it can reduce the risk of relapse. This will give you the confidence you need to move forward, realizing that if you can overcome your addiction now you will feel good about staying on the right path for a very long time.

Inpatient Methadone Treatment Benefits

There are both inpatient and outpatient methadone treatment programs. While some people opt for an outpatient schedule, as this allows them to spend time at home, others have come to realize that an inpatient facility is best for them. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Structure. With inpatient methadone treatment, everything is structured. This may sound like a bad things upfront, but over time you will become used to the program and familiar with what your day will bring.

It is structure that will help you overcome your addiction. On top of that, the structure you implement will carry over once your days in a rehab facility have come and gone.

  • Support. There is no denying the fact that you are going through a difficult time in your life. For this reason, you need as much support as you can get. While there is nothing wrong with leaning on friends and family, as this will surely help you through a difficult time, there is no better feeling than having a team of medical professionals showing you the way to a better life.

From counselors to therapists to nurses, you will immediately feel better once you realize a strong support team is in place.

  • Safety. There is nothing more important than your safety. It is essential that you do whatever it takes to remain safe during your treatment. Those who choose outpatient therapy have a greater chance of putting their safety at risk.

Some of the safety benefits of inpatient methadone treatment are as follows:

  • Lesser chance of relapse.
  • Around the clock care to ensure that you are safe at all times, no matter what stage of the recovery process you are going through.
  • Medical help as needed, which prevents health risk and complications.
  • Support from facility professionals that allow you to stay on track and reach your goal of becoming sober.
  • Therapy. You may understand that you have an addiction, but that doesn’t mean you have a solid grasp of what it will take to become sober. There is more to reaching your goal than taking methadone and waiting for something good to happen. Along with this, you should partake in therapy, which can include:
    1. Group therapy
    2. Individual therapy
    3. Cognitive behavioral psychotherapy
    4. Spiritual therapy
    5. Behavioral therapy
    6. Group support, both during and after your time in rehab comes to an end
  • Ability to be around others in the same position. Many people who are faced with methadone treatment don’t understand that others are in the same position. With inpatient methadone treatment, it will not be long before you fully understand that others are going through the same thing as you. This can help put your mind at ease, while also giving you the chance to converse with others who can share their story, tips, advice, and guidance.

Note: this is a benefit of inpatient methadone treatment that is often times overlooked.

Why Some Opt Against It

Despite the many benefits of inpatient methadone treatment, some people opt against this and decide on an outpatient program. Any help is better than no help at all, but what matters most is that you realize the pros and cons of both options.

Here are a few reasons why outpatient methadone treatment remains popular:

  • You are able to receive the help you need without being confined to a treatment facility. For those who want to go on with their normal life, such as holding down a job, this is a benefit.
  • Less stress. There is stress associated with picking up your life and checking into an inpatient program. Regardless of the benefits, many people aren’t willing to add this stress to their life.

The question of whether or not inpatient methadone treatment is necessary has no true answer. Some people have found that this is the best strategy for them, while others have done just fine with an outpatient program.

As long as you understand the benefits of inpatient treatment, you will find yourself in position to make an informed decision.

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