Choosing Luxury Inpatient Codeine Addiction Treatment for Yourself or a Loved One

Although you often hear more about addiction to other painkillers, codeine addiction is still very prevalent in the United States. Like all opiate addictions, codeine addictions require similar treatments. In some ways, a codeine addiction is more complex than a traditional opiate addiction. Codeine is often used to treat both chronic pain and conditions that cause a chronic cough. Despite the codeine addiction, both of these conditions still need to be treated. This is why inpatient care is often desirable for this type of addiction.

What is Codeine Addiction?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, codeine is one of the commonly abused drugs. The signs of codeine addiction are very similar to those of opiate addiction. Some of these signs are:

  • tolerance to codeine,
  • drug seeking behavior,
  • stealing others medication,
  • stealing to purchase codeine,
  • doctor shopping for one who will prescribe codeine,
  • wondering what will happen when your supply of it runs out, and
  • purchasing codeine illegally.

It is important to note that there is a difference between codeine dependence and codeine addiction. Codeine dependence occurs when a person will suffer from withdrawal if they stop taking codeine but a person still takes it as prescribed for a medical condition. An addict is someone does not medically need the codeine but takes it anyway.

What types of treatment are available?

treatment for codeine addiction

There are a variety of different treatment methods for Codeine addiction available

There are a few types of inpatient treatment available for a codeine addiction.

  • medication assisted – medication assisted treatment is a short term detox treatment for codeine withdrawal. This provides medications such as methadone or Suboxone to stop the worst of the withdrawal symptoms. Once these symptoms abate, a doctor tapers you off the medication so you are completely drug free.
  • medication maintenance – medication maintenance starts just like medication assisted treatment but instead of tapering off the methadone or Suboxone, you stay on it at a closely maintained dose. The replacement drug treats chronic conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, and chronic cough. If you become tolerant to the drug, the doctor adjusts it carefully making sure that you do not go into withdrawal but your symptoms are still managed.
  • cold turkey – cold turkey in inpatient care is a lot easier than cold turkey by yourself. You start off with counseling and possibly common over the counter medications to help with the symptoms of withdrawal. You also start counseling almost immediately along with any holistic practices to help control the symptoms.

What are the Advantages of a Luxury Inpatient Facility?

There are some distinct advantages to going to a luxury inpatient facility for codeine addiction. Luxury facilities often have a variety of treatments available that other facilities do not. Some of these treatments are:

  • herbal medicine,
  • art and music therapy,
  • animal and equestrian therapy,
  • individual attention,
  • aquatics,
  • onsite spas,
  • saunas and swimming pools,
  • exercise facilities, gyms, and team sports,
  • massage therapy,
  • yoga classes,
  • guided meditation and guided relaxation, and
  • dietary and weight loss counseling.

In addition to these luxury treatments, there are also other luxury accommodations like:

  • private bedrooms,
  • private baths,
  • luxury mattresses, and
  • gourmet food and drinks.

There are also services that most luxury rehabs offer that others might not. These services are:

  • highly trained staff,
  • holistic and spiritual practitioners,
  • high-end chefs and wait staff,
  • nutritionists,
  • personal trainers,
  • business assistants,
  • weight loss specialists,
  • specialist doctors for a variety of conditions, and
  • activity directors who offer individual attention.

These services are often offered as on an ala carte basis. If you are interested in any of these services while you are in treatment for your codeine addiction, it is important to ask about them before you are admitted.

What are the Disadvantages of Luxury Inpatient Treatment?

The number one disadvantage of a luxury inpatient facility is the cost. All of the services mentioned earlier come with a relatively high price tag. Some luxury rehabs cost thousands a day while others run into the hundreds of thousands. Luxury rehabs that offer ala carte services often are less expensive than those that do not. This way you only pay for the services that you use.

Another disadvantage of a luxury codeine rehab is the comfort. Although this seems like a benefit, it can work against you. Becoming too comfortably in your surroundings can allow you to miss the point of being in rehab and has been shown to lead to relapse.

What to Look for in a Luxury Inpatient Treatment Facility?

The important thing to look for in a luxury inpatient facility is whether it provides the services that you need or not. It should provide services that help you recover from the addiction. The other amenities are just comforts. If they do not have a good treatment program with a proven track record of results then the rehab is not worth the price that you are paying.

According to the National Library of Medicine, Codeine is an addictive medication. If other options have not been successful, you should consider inpatient treatment. Luxury treatment usually covers all of the necessities and provides the comfort of extra services that might make your withdrawal more comfortable. To discuss your luxury treatment options, call us at 866-312-5827Who Answers?. We can help you find the luxury rehab that best suits your needs.

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