Are there Inpatient Methadone Treatment Centers?

It’s true that most methadone treatment centers provide their services on an outpatient basis for opioid dependencies, although there is no “one size fits all” type of treatment for everyone.

Inpatient methadone treatment centers vary in the types of methadone treatments they offer; be it short-term or long-term methadone assisted detox or methadone maintenance which can involve an inpatient stay of several days to several months.

Methadone Induction and Safety

Methadone is a potent opioid drug that metabolizes much slower than other opioids such as heroin or morphine and stores itself in bodily tissues which can be deceiving. Those who are at a high risk of complications including overdose need to be watched very closely during the first week of methadone induction.

According to the SAMHSA “During induction, even without dosage increases, each successive dose adds to what is present already in tissues until steady state is reached. Steady state refers to the condition in which the level of medication in a patient’s blood remains fairly steady because that drug’s rate of intake equals the rate of its breakdown and excretion.”

Matching Treatment Services

methadone treatment

The patient will be tested to determine the proper methadone treatment service for them.

When a person is assessed for methadone treatment services the level of care and best placement matching is determined by series of factors including medical histories and mental health status, opioid dependency levels, durations, and potentials for relapse, lab tests, exams, and withdrawal potentials. Putting all of this together, a team of treatment providers can then determine the most appropriate levels and intensities of services needed to meet the patient’s needs.

Some individuals may be eligible for outpatient services after completing a brief inpatient detox within the same facility, while others may need to stay in an inpatient detox that has more immediate and advanced access to professional medical or psychiatric care such as a hospital.

Who Does Inpatient Methadone Treatment Centers Benefit?

Inpatient methadone treatment centers are available for those who choose to have the freedom from outside influences that may trigger the return to illicit opioid use and for those who are more susceptible to a lack of support in their home environment.

Residential stays for methadone maintenance treatment can provide a healthy and stable recovery environment for those with chronic relapse problems or a history of unsuccessful prior treatment attempts.

Having 24 hour supervision to treat detox symptoms with access to appropriate medical and psychiatric care while adjusting to the methadone can benefit those who are naïve to high doses of opioids as well as those who would continue to use other substances, have complicated health, are elderly, take multiple prescriptions, or are pregnant.

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