15 Ways a Methadone Treatment Center can Help you Stay Alive

When you abuse opiates, you take your life in your hands on a regular basis. Dangerous drugs, dangerous people, and poor health all combine to create a perfect storm of life threatening situations. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, methadone is an effective treatment for opiate addiction. Treatment in a methadone center can help. Here are 15 ways a methadone treatment center can help you stay alive.

1. You can Avoid Overdose

For anyone dealing with opiate addiction, death from overdose is a very real possibility. Entering a methadone treatment center eliminates the possibility of opiate overdose.

2. They Help you Recover your Life

Many times, addicts see their lives spiral out of control, and this spiral often ends in death. However, methadone treatment can stop this spiral and help you get your life back under control.

3. They Help you Deal with Chronic Pain

A large portion of people addicted to opiates got that way while trying to manage chronic pain. Methadone treatment centers can help you deal with pain without opiates, thus helping you end your addiction and prolong your life.

4. You can Get Off the Dangerous Drugs

Stay Alive

Methadone will prevent withdrawal symptoms so that you can focus on your recovery.

Methadone is administered in registered clinics by properly trained medical professionals. This is a far cry from the dangerous drugs that you get on the street. Many of which are misrepresented or cut with poisonous chemicals.

5. You No Longer Have to Worry About being Arrested

Once you enter into methadone treatment, you will no longer have to worry about obtaining drugs illegally, or participating in other illegal activities to support your addiction. This keeps you from being incarcerated.

6. Your Dealer is not After you Anymore

Let’s face it, many drug dealers are scary and dangerous people. Seeking treatment in a methadone clinic lets you get away from your dealer, and eliminates the dangers that they pose.

7. You won’t Need to Make Life Threatening Decisions to Obtain the Drugs

While receiving methadone treatment, you won’t have the cravings or need for opiates. This means that you will no longer face making difficult and dangerous decisions that may threaten your life just to get drugs for your habit.

8. You won’t Contract a Disease from Dirty Needles or Unprotected Sex

Obviously, if you are no longer injecting drugs, you don’t have to worry about diseases from shared needles. Also, you eliminate the chance of sexually transmitted diseases from unprotected sex while high.

9. Methadone Maintenance will Decrease your Anxiety Level

Because methadone reduces cravings, it reduces the associated anxiety and allows you to focus on your recovery.

10. You will not have to Worry about Withdrawal Symptoms

Methadone works by blocking the opiate receptors in the brain, which prevents withdrawal symptoms.

11. They can Treat the Cause of your Addiction as well as the Symptoms of Withdrawal

Using methadone maintenance takes care of the physical part of addiction, allowing you to get the counseling and other help that you need to take care of the mental aspects of addiction, and improve your chances of recovery.

12. You do not have to Worry about the Long Term Side Effects of Opiates Anymore

By stopping your use of opiates, you eliminate all of the nasty and dangerous side effects of long term opiate abuse.

13. You will Feel Better off Opiates

After using methadone treatment to get off of opiates, you will have better physical and mental health, and feel better because of it.

14. You will Not Have to Hide Anymore

If you are ashamed of your addiction, it is common to want to hide from everyday life and the people that are in it. By seeking treatment, you have taken a courageous step that should make you feel proud and open.

15. Methadone Centers are Not Hard to Find

Methadone centers are located all over the country. There are also a number of resources available to help you find a methadone treatment center, including state and local health departments, the internet, and doctors and hospitals. If you are suffering from opiate addiction, take the first step to recovery, and contact a methadone treatment center today. For more information, call us at 800-994-1867Who Answers?.

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