Is it Time to Talk to My Doctor About Take Home Methadone?

So you’ve been taking methadone for some time now, you’re feeling much better and you’re properly maintaining your visits to the doctor for your regular dose—but is it time to talk with your doctor about take home doses? How can you be sure that you’re ready? Will this strain make it more difficult for you to adhere to the proper dosing procedures?

These are all common questions that arise when an individual is taking methadone for the maintenance of an opiate addiction. If you’re thinking it may be time to start taking your medication home, consider a nice talk with your doctor to further discuss your risks and the benefits of the take home treatment.

Talking to Your Doctor

Take Home Methadone

Your doctor will need to approve of this decision to start taking methadone at home.

The most important thing to do when you are asking yourself if it is time to start taking your methadone home is to talk to your doctor. Your clinic may have certain rules, like patients must have been coming to the clinic for at least six months before they can begin taking their medication home, or regulations that dictate whether or not you will even be able to do this. Your doctor may also feel that you are not quite ready for this step or that it would benefit you to visit the clinic daily for a longer period of time before you begin taking your medication home.

Your doctor will have to approve this change in the distribution of your medication, so you will need to discuss it with them regardless. Their feelings on the matter may also help you realize more about where you are in your recovery and if this actually is a beneficial choice for you.

Making the Final Decision

In the end, only you and your doctor together can decide whether it’s safe for you to start taking Methadone home for treatment. If you continue to work hard in your recovery, and you are committed to taking your methadone on time and as prescribed, this can be a safe and necessary next step in your effort to heal and recover from opiate addiction.

Am I Ready to Begin Taking Methadone Home?

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