Finding the Best Methadone Treatment Centers

Methadone is a long lasting opioid replacement medication that alleviates cravings and withdrawal symptoms, but, opiate addiction brings about many problems that take time to recover from. Long term assistance is sometimes needed to improve quality of life and keep the person from relapsing.

Finding the best methadone treatment centers has been made easier through improved access measures that allow for the availability of more treatment providers and options for patients.

Improved Access to Methadone Treatment Centers

In 2001, changes were made to improve the access and treatment qualities of methadone treatment centers. They are now more abundant in unlimited locations and have greater flexibility for treating patients according to their individual needs.

Methadone treatment centers are able to offer outpatient and inpatient services in a variety of settings including clinics, rehab centers, and physician’s offices. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, opiate addiction is considered a chronic brain disease and treatment should be easily obtainable for those seeking recovery.

Factors to Consider

methadone centers

For many people finding a methadone clinic close to home is ideal.

Important factors to consider when finding the best methadone treatment center is to explore the options most suitable based on location, duration, cost, accreditations, and resource availability.

  • Location should be within a suitable distance to travel without burden daily. This also allows for greater utilization of the resources that the center may be involved in.
  • Duration is non-specific in methadone treatment however some programs may require a commitment for the duration of 90 days or more. Most durations last 6 months or more based on the needs and progress of the person and the discretion of the center’s counselors.
  • Costs vary by center and with the Affordable Care Act changes effective in 2014 most insurance plans will cover the cost. Other costs may be offset by the center, funding resources, or on a sliding scale fee based on income. There are many free and state funded centers although their location may not be in the local areas.
  • Accreditations can be verified through theSAMHSA’s Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or For free or reduced cost services, select from the “Payment Assistance” options when designing your search.
  • Resource availability to manage co-existing medical or psychiatric conditions may be a concern, but, the best methadone treatment centers are knowledgeable and qualified to assist the person through appropriate counseling and referrals when necessary.

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