Methadone Clinics in Oregon

Methadone clinics in Oregon provide patients with the foundation necessary upon which they can make a full, lasting recovery from opiate dependence. Here, users are provided with medication assisted treatment that curbs cravings, reduces withdrawals and minimizes the risk of relapse for a successful recovery.

Methadone Centers in cities of Oregon

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Thousands of people in Oregon find themselves addicted to prescription opiates such as Oxycontin or Oxycodone and need help. Methadone clinics in Oregon provide these users with a safe, effective way to overcome opiate addiction without having to cope with withdrawal. While Methadone is not for everyone, it can help to reduce the risk of relapse and prevent further complications from opiate addiction when taken correctly.

Oregon Methadone clinics are found throughout the state in most major towns including Beaverton, Portland and Milwaukie.  At Methadone Centers, we believe that finding methadone treatment that works should be fast and simple. That’s why we provide a comprehensive directory of Methadone clinics in Oregon that can to help you out with your search.

Additional resources including local links to Na meetings taking place throughout Oregon can also be found below: