Methadone Clinics in Alaska

Methadone clinics in Alaska, though limited in scope, provide residents with the effective maintenance treatment that they need to overcome opiate addiction and take back control of their lives.

Methadone Centers in cities of Alaska

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An estimated 9.2 million people abuse heroin throughout the world. While heroin is not a major concern in Alaska, opiates such as prescription painkillers like Vicodin or Oxycontin present a serious danger to residents of The Last Frontier. An estimated three percent of all residents in Alaska require help overcoming a drug addiction but never get the treatment that they need.

Methadone maintenance treatment provides those who suffer from opiate addiction a means to an end of the struggles and devastation that surrounds their addiction. A synthetic opioid, methadone helps to alleviate pain associated and discomfort commonly associated with opiate withdrawal while restoring stability in the user’s life. Methadone clinics in Alaska provide an affordable alternative that helps those in recovery to restore a sense of balance in life while working toward sustained, long-term sobriety.

Methadone Centers provides a complete directory of methadone clinics in Alaska as well as many helpful resources for those who are suffering from opiate addiction or who know someone who needs help. In addition to finding local treatment, these additional resources can also aid in recovery:

Narcotics Anonymous – For information regarding NA meetings taking place throughout Alaska or to learn more about the 12 step recovery process, visit one of the following resources: