Can You Get Methadone for Chronic Pain at a Clinic

Many people struggle with chronic pain. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Methadone provides a safe, long term solution to chronic pain problems. It is less expensive than most other opioids and more effective than other pain relievers are. This has many people wondering where to get Methadone for chronic pain. Although there are several sources for Methadone only a few of them are legal. A general practice doctor only prescribes methadone when all other medications are exhausted and sometimes not even then. The only option left for those in chronic pain is to go to a clinic for it.

What are the side effects of methadone

One of the most important things to consider about methadone is its side effects. Many of these side effects are manageable. Methadone side effects are:

  • dependency with long term use,
  • weight gain,
  • tiredness, weakness, or extreme fatigue
  • muscle pain or muscle cramps,
  • cough,
  • dry mouth,
  • troubled breathing,
  • dizziness when moving, fainting, or lightheadedness,
  • increased sweating and thirst,
  • chest pain,
  • bleeding gums,
  • blurred vision,
  • irregular heartbeat,
  • nausea or vomiting,

This is not an exhaustive list. There are many other less common minor side effects. Methadone is not without its problems. Most people are concerned with its potential for addiction, dependency, and illegal sale.

Why seek methadone treatment from a pain management clinic

When looking for treatment it is important to be careful in the search. There are many reasons to find a good pain management clinic. Methadone treatment is only an option for therapy when no other solutions are found. Since some of the side effects of methadone are similar to those of opioids, this includes the potential for abuse and dependency. A clinic is needed to adjust the dosage of methadone on a regular basis until it is at a tolerable level. Pain clinics are well versed in doing this. They can prescribe an initial does, which may take up to a week to be completely effective. You can call them if you have an adverse reaction or need to change something. With managed chronic pain care you can do all of these things and have a team to back you.

Where to look for a pain clinic

pain management clinic

Talk to your general practitioner about where to find a pain management clinic.

Some care needs to be taken when finding a pain clinic. Although there are many reputable ones, there are many pill mills out there. It is good to get a recommendation on which clinics in your area are reputable and which are not. A good thing to look for is how busy the clinic is. Extremely busy clinics with only one doctor are often disreputable. Most There are places you can look to find a pain clinic. They are:

  • Your general practitioner is probably the best person to ask because they know you, your pain level, and what methods work for you. They also may already be working with a pain management doctor that they would recommend.
  • The hospital may have its own pain clinic. Many hospitals deal with chronic pain patients so much that a portion of the hospital is also a clinic. They may have programs to help you. If there is a research hospital in your area, that is also a good place to find new treatments and treatment centers.
  • Medical school, like hospitals may have a pain clinic attached. They sometimes study the conditions the doctors are training to treat. Medical schools often have research hospitals and facilities attached or can recommend ones that they work with.
  • Official associations like the American Pain Society or the American Chronic Pain Association, these associations not only keep lists of credible pain clinics, they also have advocacy groups and peer support. They offer treatment news and help with a variety of issues you might encounter.

Once you find a pain clinic, you will need to evaluate the team of pain management specialists. There are a few important questions to ask. These questions are:

  • Does the staff appear knowledgeable,
  • Do they share your philosophy of pain management,
  • Are they working with my regular doctor, if not will they,
  • Will they communicate with my doctor regularly,
  • Is the clinic clean and brightly lit,
  • Does the clinic offer tailored treatment plans,
  • Will they include me in the design decisions,
  • Do they communicate well and frequently, and

These questions are extremely important to answer. Since methadone treatment is a long term treatment for chronic pain, a clinic that does not share your treatment goals and philosophy, will not work out for the length of your methadone treatment.

The answer to the question can you get methadone from a clinic is yes, if you go to the correct clinic, have a history of chronic pain, and you qualify for one of their programs. There are clinics in a number of areas throughout the world where they provide pain relief using the drug methadone. It is extremely important to remember that methadone is a very addictive medication that has a number of adverse effects. These clinics offer pain relief in many forms but you need to know what methadone is, what the side effects of methadone are, as well as how and where to find a pain clinic. If you are in chronic pain there is help through methadone and pain clinics

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