June 16, 2019

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Methadone Clinics in Vermont

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Vermont Methadone clinics provide medically assisted treatment for opiate dependence that is proven to minimize the risk of relapse, reduce cravings and stop withdrawal symptoms from interrupting the recovery process.

Methadone Centers in cities of Vermont

In Vermont, heroin addiction is a continuous problem as is the epidemic known as prescription drug addiction. Thousands of residents are addicted to prescription drugs and need help quitting. Unfortunately, an estimated 4% of Vermont residents report having a legitimate need for addiction treatment but not receiving help for various reasons associated with a lack of financial ability to get help, a lack of knowledge on where to get help or some other reason.

Vermont Methadone clinics provide users with affordable, convenient and private solutions to their opiate addiction effectively helping those in need to fully overcome opiate dependence and get their lives back on track. While as many as 5% of Vermont residents report recently using prescription painkillers for non-pain relief purposes in the past year, this number has the potential to decline if more people get the help that they need from Methadone clinics located throughout the state.

At Methadone Centers, our goal is to help those who need addiction treatment to find the help and support necessary to overcome the disease of opiate dependence and restore balance in their lives. We provide a comprehensive directory of Methadone clinics in Vermont to make your search for quality, effective treatment fast, convenient and easy. In addition to the directory, we also offer the following resources to assist you in the recovery process:

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