Will Methadone Help My Spouse End Their Criminal Activity?

Heroin use is tied to criminal activity. Obviously, the manufacture and distribution of the drug is a crime. And, there are killings related to battles for supremacy among dealers. But, that isn’t what you are dealing with in your life. You are coping with the sort of crime that heroin addicts engage in, like shoplifting, stealing from parked trucks, and burglarizing abandoned buildings to get the money they need to buy heroin. And, users can become erratic due to the drug use and this can translate into violence. Of course, possession is also a major issue. However, it is worth noting that most heroin addicts engage in rather mild criminal endeavors because they fear being placed in jail and denied drugs.

In your life, you are clearly dealing with a spouse whose addiction is causing him or her to break the law. That’s not uncommon, but it is incredibly painful to deal with. Your relationship is already fractured because of the drug use. It probably feels like your spouse has changed into a completely different person, one you can’t trust or depend upon. And, then you add breaking the law into the mix and the whole situation feels impossible.

At this point, you must be researching every possible treatment that you can and trying to figure out what will have the most positive impact on your family. Among the many treatment options, methadone remains popular because it is effective. It might be the treatment that works best for your spouse. But, that doesn’t mean you aren’t concerned about the criminal activity. You need to know if methadone will not only curb the drug use but also the law breaking. The following discussion will explore that question.

If you have questions about methadone and what it can do for your spouse, call 800-530-0431Who Answers? and speak with a knowledgeable person who is equipped to answer all of your questions. We will make sure that everything you need to know is explained clearly and in a way that will help you to understand it. Don’t worry about getting lost in jargon. We can also recommend treatment programs that meet your requirements.

Is Methadone Maintenance Right for My Spouse?

What Effect Does Methadone Use Have on Criminal Activity?

There is scientific evidence that backs up the claim that methadone maintenance treatment results in a reduction of criminal activity. A two year follow-up of a study examining patients from three methadone treatment programs allowed researchers to compare the rates of various activities one year before methadone treatment and one year after. The results all showed a reduction in:

Will Methadone Help

Those in methadone treatment have a lower rate of incarceration.

Days Involved in Crime

  • Before: 31.3 percent
  • After: 12 percent

Time Dealing Drugs

  • Before: 57.7 percent
  • After 27.3 percent

Time Incarcerated

  • Before 31.7 percent
  • After: 6.7 percent

You will notice that some of the people studied continued to break the law after they finished methadone maintenance treatment, so you can’t blindly believe that it will prevent your spouse from breaking the law entirely. But, you can rest assured that the chances of it stopping are good.

Why Does Methadone Have This Impact?

Firstly, it is important to note that methadone is one component of a larger treatment program that also includes behavioral therapy. Patients in medication-assisted treatment receive holistic care that doesn’t just address the physical aspects of addiction. The emotional and mental are also treated. That helps with a reduction in criminal activity.

The largest impact comes from the reduction in drug use. Without the drive to use heroin, methadone patients have less likelihood of stealing or dealing to get drugs. Also, without drugs in their system, users are less likely to behave erratically or engage in risky activities. All of these things result in an increase in law abiding behavior.

Should My Spouse Enter Methadone Treatment?

Ultimately, that is up to your spouse. But, it is a good option and there is substantial proof that it is effective in more than simply a decrease in drug use. It also has a positive impact on productivity and social health, as well as other areas.

If you are interested in exploring the treatment options available to your spouse, call 800-530-0431Who Answers? and speak to an addiction specialist. You can’t make the decision for your spouse, but you can make sure they have the information they need to make a good one.

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