June 16, 2019

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Tips for the Safe Use of Methadone Maintenance

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Methadone maintenance is one of the most trusted methods for opioid addiction treatment. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it has been used “safely and effectively… for more than 30 years,” but there are still several tips you can use to ensure that your methadone maintenance treatment is as beneficial and healing as possible.

Find the Right Doctor

Choosing a clinic with a doctor you trust and get along with is essential to safe methadone maintenance treatment. This is because the drug itself can be dangerous when abused, and you must feel comfortable to be able to talk to your doctor if you ever become concerned that you may abuse your methadone supply. In addition, knowing that your doctor is someone you can talk to about your treatment and who will listen without judgment will ensure that you receive the best care.

When you are choosing a maintenance center, make sure to meet with the doctor first to ensure that you are both on the same page about your treatment. If you feel comfortable with them, you will be more likely to talk to them about any issues you have, making your overall treatment safer and more effective.

Visit the Clinic

methadone safety factors

It’s important to find a doctor you feel comfortable discussing your treatment and concerns with.

Patients usually have to visit the clinic for at least the first six months of maintenance treatment in order to receive their medication. This is standard because the drug has such a high abuse rate, and it is important that patients prove they can be responsible with their medication before they are allowed to begin taking it home. However, you can wait longer to do this and continue to visit the clinic for as long as possible, as this way, you will never be able to abuse your medication.

If it is much easier for you to take your prescription home with you––after you have been in the program for an amount of time your doctor deems acceptable––you may choose to do so, but it is always going to be safe to continue visiting the clinic. If you are very concerned about the possibility of abuse, you may want to continue visiting the clinic indefinitely.

Attend Other Treatment Programs

As stated by the National Institute of Justice, “In addition to administering medication, methadone maintenance treatment also involves providing patients with comprehensive rehabilitation services.” The safest way to attend this program is to make sure to take advantage of these. Anyone in recovery from drug abuse should consider attending therapy sessions, and most maintenance clinics provide individual or group therapy to their patients. In addition, these programs may also provide other options such as:

  • Vocational counseling
  • Housing help
  • Drug education
  • HIV prevention
  • Medical services
  • Drug testing

If you utilize the methods that are most beneficial to you as part of your overall treatment program, it will often make a large difference in your success with methadone maintenance and your recovery from addiction.

The Safety of Methadone Treatment Programs

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