May 20, 2019

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The Dangers of Mentioning you are on Methadone to Strangers

Methadone is a controversial subject. Even though according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, doctors have been using it to treat chronic pain since the 1940s, methadone has a bad reputation, and it is not likely to get any better. There are many dangers associated with mentioning to a stranger that you are on …

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Methadone Centers, Harm Reduction, and Community Involvement

Many people are under the mistaken belief that methadone centers bring crime and other bad elements to their community. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s study conducted by the Baltimore City Police and the FBI, the crime rate does not change when a methadone treatment center is opened. Methadone centers are usually part …

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How to Prepare for Methadone Treatment

When you are addicted to opiates, it is difficult to know which treatment is going to work for you. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are several treatments for opiates and opiate abuse. Unfortunately, with the choice of treatments often comes confusion over which is right for you. If your doctor is …

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10 Questions to ask your Doctor before Taking Methadone

Methadone is a very powerful drug that many view as controversial. Refined in the 1940s, it is now used to treat pain for longer than 24 hours, chronic pain, and opiate addiction. There are many people that are prescribed methadone without knowing anything about the drug. 1. Can I get Addicted to Methadone? You can …

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Relapse Risks during Methadone Maintenance Treatment & How to Avoid Them

Methadone’s use as an opiate addiction treatment remains the standard of care for treating chronic addiction problems. As a synthetic opiate drug, methadone carries many of the same risks as addictive opiates so the potential for relapse can run high during certain stages of the methadone maintenance treatment process. Understanding the risk factors associated with …

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Is Methadone a Stronger Treatment for Opioid Addiction than Buprenorphine?

As a pharmacological treatment for opioid addiction, methadone has been around longer than buprenorphine and has been accepted to treat individuals in many different situations (such as pregnant women and adolescents) that buprenorphine hasn’t. But if you are merely looking for the strongest medication you can take to minimize withdrawal symptoms, reduce cravings, and generally …

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What is Methadone Maintenance Therapy?

More often than not, by the time methadone treatment is considered, a person has undergone one, maybe two or more rounds of drug treatment in the past. After so many failed attempts to get well, frustration and discouragement can quickly thwart any sense of motivation you have left. Methadone treatment exists as the very first …

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Effects of Methadone Maintenance Treatment

Aside from the mere physical relief that can be obtained from the use of methadone as a maintenance medication, many recovering addict report additional positive benefits from this treatment. Mental and spiritual growth are encouraged through counseling and therapy while patients are also taking methadone as part of a recovery and healing program. If you …

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