June 16, 2019

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Is Methadone Maintenance Just Medication or Is There More?

A lot of people refuse methadone maintenance treatment because they hear the word methadone and they have an instant negative reaction. Unfortunately, methadone carries a stigma (negative association) and when people hear it, they think the worst of it. They think the clinics are dirty and frequented by down and out drug fiends. But, that …

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I Am Pregnant; Can I Take Methadone?

Getting pregnant makes a lot of people addicted to opiates like heroin and prescription painkillers decide that it is time to seek addiction treatment because they aren’t simply affecting their own life anymore. Their drug use will impact their child as it grows and develops. Further, if people want to keep the baby and raise …

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Will Methadone Help My Spouse End Their Criminal Activity?

Heroin use is tied to criminal activity. Obviously, the manufacture and distribution of the drug is a crime. And, there are killings related to battles for supremacy among dealers. But, that isn’t what you are dealing with in your life. You are coping with the sort of crime that heroin addicts engage in, like shoplifting, …

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Will Methadone Maintenance Prevent Me from Getting HIV?

If you inject heroin or other opiates, you face a lot of risks, especially if you engage in needle sharing. You may have to deal with bacterial infections, collapsed veins, abscesses, soft-tissue infections, and perhaps most worryingly, infectious diseases, like hepatitis and HIV. In an effort to avoid these consequences, many people enter heroin addiction …

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What Is Opiate Replacement Therapy All About?

Opiate replacement therapy is a treatment option for opioid addiction that has existed since the early 1970s. Doctors and researchers have improved the program over time, and while two types of opiate replacement therapy medications now exist for the treatment of this addiction syndrome, every patient is different in their requirements for care and should …

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Medication Assisted Therapies for Heroin Addicts

Methadone isn’t the only option for medication-assisted therapies for heroin addicts. In fact, there are at least three different medications you can use as part of your treatment to put an end to your heroin abuse and start living a better life. Call now to be matched with the best rehab program for your needs. …

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Buprenorphine Versus Methadone for OxyContin Addiction

Which is a better treatment option for OyxContin addiction: buprenorphine or methadone? The answer to this question depends strongly on the needs of the specific patient and the intensity of the treatment required for a safe and effective recovery. If you are looking for a rehab program that will suit your needs, call now, and …

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No Money, No Pills, No Heroin: Is There Hope?

Hitting rock bottom as an effect of addiction happens to many individuals, especially those who become abusers of one of the most dangerous drugs on the market, heroin. If you feel like you are stuck and without hope, call now for help finding the treatment option that is best for your needs. Rock Bottom and …

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Eliminating Barriers to Medication Assisted Treatment of Heroin Addiction

Many individuals face innumerable barriers when attempting to seek medication-assisted treatment for heroin addiction. Fortunately, there are ways to eliminate these barriers and to ensure that you can begin to recover from your substance use disorder. Call now for help finding safe, effective rehab programs that will cater to your needs. Seeking Treatment for Heroin …

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