May 20, 2019

Methadone Centers

Is there Really Free Methadone?

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When we hear the phrase “free methadone clinic” we tend to think that there is a no-cost option while unfortunately, most times, this is not entirely true. When we think of “no-cost” one would think that they can go to this clinic, participate in the program and not have to pay anything for the treatment or medications involved with recovery. It is important to note that most government entities list their options for methadone clinics using specific key terms such as “all free,” partial free” and “no free” care options. According to the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration, private non-profit agencies operate the majority of free methadone clinics. These private nonprofit groups or agencies make up 73.8 percent of the clinics that are classified as “all free”. Agencies that are offering partial free care generally employ a sliding fee scale, which is based on a person’s current income level therefore making the fees affordable as they work towards recovery.

Where Does the Funding Come From?

methadone treatment

You can find a methadone center that works with your financial situation.

Many of the free methadone treatment subsidies come from a variety of different resources, some of which include:

  • Private insurance plans
  • State funding
  • Federal funding
  • Medicaid/Medicare funding
  • Funds made available through various county and local governments

In most cases the subsidized money that any methadone clinic receives will be supplied from more than one resource. Bear in mind that in some states, regulations can also influence what types of funding is available to finance free methadone clinics. Some states due to regulations, do not allow free methadone treatment programs at all although that may change as the Affordable Care Acts begins its roll out program across the United States.

Are there Other Expenses?

If the person does not have any type of health insurance coverage, it can be all but impossible to pay for methadone clinic costs out-of-pocket and get the necessary treatment needed for an opiate addiction. The high, expensive costs involved with drug treatment account for why so many people do not or are unable to seek treatment. Even if a person does have a great health insurance plan, not all plans offer coverage for substance abuse treatment, inpatient or outpatient.

All things considered, some survey data that was collected in 2007 showed as much as 60 percent of drug treatment admissions had no type of health insurance coverage whatsoever. Fortunately today, federal and state governments recognize the growing problem of substance abuse in the United States and are addressing it as the Affordable Health Care acts role out begins. It may take you some time to find free methadone clinic treatment programs but in the end the lower-cost, government-subsidized programs will assist in making methadone clinic treatment costs easier to bear.

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