June 16, 2019

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6 Ways to Tell if You are Addicted to Opiates

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If you are questioning whether you are addicted to opiates or not, you probably need opiate addiction treatment. Most people who start to question if they are opiate addicts are addicted to an opiate. There are however, ways to tell if you are addicted or not.

You Exhibit the Signs of Opiate Addiction

The signs of opiate addiction are subtle at first but as the addiction grows more and more of them appear. Some of these signs are:

  • Having to take more of a substance in order to achieve the same effect
  • Craving the drug even though you’ve just taken it or it is not time for your next dose
  • Focusing only on the acquiring or otherwise trying to find the drug
  • Doctor shopping to get the drug
  • Being anxious when you are about to run out of the drug

These are classic signs of opiate addiction. There are other signs but these are usually the most obvious.

Using Opiates Interferes with Work

You are Addicted to Opiates

Eventually, opiate addiction will have a negative impact on your work performance, and could cost you your job.

If you are using opiates at work, it will eventually begin to interfere. You will begin to miss work or wind up losing your job due to odd behavior. When your drug use interferes with your job it is time to consider addiction treatment.

People will eventually notice the absences and the issues with performance. Then it is only a matter of time before they figure out there is a problem with opiates or other drugs. Most of the time the people that you are closest to will notice first.

Using Opiates Interferes with your Family

When using opiates interferes with your family and how you respond to them it is time to seek treatment, especially if a family member has mentioned your drug use. Family members often ask an addict to stop taking the drug before the addiction gets to the point of being damaging.

Because opiates can cause you to skip family outings, become irrational, or become abusive to your family, it is important that you seek treatment as soon as you see it start damaging your family.

Opiates have Gotten you in Trouble with the Law

If you have been arrested or otherwise detained for possession or dealing in an illegal or prescription opiate, it is a good sign that you are addicted. Most people who have legal troubles because a drug are people who are also addicted to that drug.

You Think that you are Addicted to Opiates

If you suspect you are addicted to opiates, you probably are. Most people who think they are addicted to opiates actually are. When you start to think about whether you are addicted or not it is time to seek help.

Tips for Choosing a Methadone Maintenance Program

You Believe you Need Treatment for Opiate Addiction

If you believe that you need treatment, then it is probably time to seek it out. We can help you find the treatment that you need in order to break your opiate addiction. Just call us at 800-530-0431.

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